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Leading revenue auditing and recovery businesses in the United States with a presence in Europe and Asia.


  • ORI founded in 2006
  • Clientele includes some of the premier companies in the semiconductor and electronics industries.
  • Our Practice is built on long-term relationships with Clients and Affiliates.
  • Our audit staff is one of the most experienced with an average of 18 years.
  • Search for customer and distributor returns to identify invalid debit and rebate transactions.
  • Verify end-customer information to identify inconsistencies on distributor point-of-sale reports..
  • Review invoicing, inventory and price protection claims to identify pricing discrepancies.
  • Examine distributor drop-shipments to end-customer to find potential duplicate debit claims.
  • Conduct an overview of distributor transactions to ensure the accuracy of pricing programs.
  • Review aged and unresolved accounts, reconcile opportunities for resolution and recovery.
  • We live in the detail. Other services available.


Lets talk about your business

  • Direct, positive impact to your bottom line.
  • Allows your staff to focus on core business.
  • No cost to you – our “Pay for Performance” business model means ORI assumes all financial risk.
  • Recoveries have a “shelf life.” Aged items are more difficult to identify and obtain.
  • Channel Partner Agreements have a time limit for recoveries.
  • Lost revenue becomes someone else’s profits.

Validation of Internal Controls

  • Results useful for Sarbanes-Oxley Documentation.
  • Process improvement and streamlining recommendations for sales and marketing programs.


About Outsource Recovery, Inc. (ORI)

Outsource Recovery, Inc. (ORI) specializes in providing comprehensive recovery audits for manufacturing firms in consumer, industrial, and technology industries. Software and processes have been used and improved for this business since 1985. ORI employs some of the most experienced and talented managers and auditors in the industry.

In addition to revenue recovery audits and accounts payable/disbursement audits, ORI offers comprehensive compliance auditing services.

ORI managers are “Best in Class” in that they are dedicated to providing each client outstanding customer service. We not only recover dollars for our clients, but as a side benefit, we also uncover any data issues that may exist!

Our audit team is comprised of former financial executives, controllers, CPA’s and corporate audit managers. On average, our staff has 18 years of auditing experience.

Audits are conducted unobtrusively with the highest regard for data security and confidentiality.

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